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New NSW Syllabuses

Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE)

The HSIE key learning area (KLA) includes the History K–10 Syllabus and the Geography K–10 Syllabus.

Read the HSIE K–6 Guide, the History Years 7–10 Guide and the Geography Years 7–10 Guide to the new NSW syllabuses.

Implementation information for K–6 schools

  • The HSIE K–6 Syllabus (1998) will be replaced by the History K–10 and Geography K–10 syllabuses as they are implemented in K–6 schools.
  • In 2016, all K–6 schools will teach the new History syllabus in place of the Change and Continuity strand in the current HSIE K–6 Syllabus.
  • When K–6 schools begin teaching the new Geography syllabus, it will be in place of the Cultures, Environments and Social Systems and Structures strands in the current HSIE K–6 Syllabus.
  • The recommended percentage of teaching time of 6–10% of the typical school week for the HSIE key learning area in K–6 schools will remain unchanged.

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History K–10 Syllabus


2015 – Start teaching Years 8 and 10, optional to teach K–6

2016 – Start teaching K–6

Geography K–10 Syllabus


2016 – Familiarisation and planning, optional to teach K–6

2017 – Start teaching K–6, Years 7 and 9

2018 – Start teaching Years 8 and 10